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  • Leather Wipes $9.99

    For a quick, easy and effective way to care for your leathergoods, Lily Rose Leather Wipes come in a conveniently resealable packet for use anywhere. These multipurpose wipes contain Brazillian Carnauba Wax to nourish, clean, and shine any smooth leathers. They can also be used on synthetic, vinyl, and faux leather accessories to preserve their sleek finish.

    Do not use these wipes on suede, nubuck, or fabric.

    • Code:3170383
    • Style:Handbag Accessories & Others
    • Brand:Lily Rose
    • Material:Leather
    • Size:Small
    • Product Dimensions:12(H) x 16(W) x 5(D) cm
    • Packing Dimensions:12(H) x 16(W) x 5(D) cm
    • 20 Leather Wipes per Pack
    • Cleans and Nourishes
    • Contains Brazilian Carnauba Wax
    • Easy to Use
    • Resealable Packet